7 Expert Tips for Meal Prepping Made Easy with the Versa Hand-Held Food and Liquid Thermal Sealer

Versa sealer is a must have solution for convenient meal prepping. Save money, save space, and get as organized as you want to get. Here are some expert meal prepping tips where Versa food and liquid sealer can be an unparalleled asset.

1. Use custom meal prep containers to save on space and better organize.

Versa sealer is an efficient way to store meal prep portions. It takes up less storage space in your refrigerator and freezer. Versa bags allow you to see what you are storing as well as being able to write on the Versa bags.


2. Pre-portion your meals for weight loss or fitness.

Pre-portioning your meals to fit into a calorie budget with Versa individual bags is a very efficient way to plan, organize and enjoy your meals while keeping within your diet or nutritional needs. Even put you little snacks like almonds or trial mix in small measured amounts in a small Versa sealed bag. It’s easy to take snack-sized servings with you when away from home, carrying them in your backpack or purse for quick energy.


3. Seal your meal prep bags immediately after batch cooking. 

This is helpful to keep the intended meal prep portions equal so as not to under or over serve which is helpful for budgeting and weight control. It will also more likely help you stick to your meal prepping plans from week to week.


4. Use convenient foods as much as possible. 

Utilize store bought dressings, sauces, marinades, and dips to spice up your prepped meals. Versa sealer’s leakproof bags make it easy to bring your fixins to work without mixing your sandwich or salad ingredients with your flavorings. 


5. Customize your meal prep to fit your life and your goals.

Meal prep doesn’t have to mean preparing every dish for an entire week. Maybe your goal is to save time in the morning so you only want to prep for breakfast. With the versatile custom bag sizing of Versa sealer you can store meals few or many, small or large in our custom sized bags that never waste space and always save time and money.


6. Write the seal date and safe to eat by date on your Versa food storage bag.

Keep your food fresh with Versa sealer and use a marker on the bag to keep track of when food should be eaten by for taste and safety. It’s much easier than taping labels on dishes and hard plastic containers.


7. Repurpose your leftovers and keep them fresh!

If you don’t typically use leftovers, plan meals that are easy to repurpose so you’ll be eating a totally new meal. For example, if you cook a whole roast with vegetables for dinner, chop up the leftover roast and use it for sandwiches for lunch the next week Versa sealer is perfect for storing leftovers. It keeps them fresh longer (especially if you just throw the leftovers in a covered plate) and saves storage space.