Alberti and Julianne Talk Versa Sealer on QVC




Watch Alberti and Julianne on QVC raving about Versa Sealer: the award-winning, handheld, thermal sealer.


Here is our transcript of the conversation:

Alberti: This brand new item,  where you’re getting the first look and it is called Versa! It’s a compact thermal sealer! So what’s really cool about this is that you get to customize your storage bag size, no bulk, no waste, no unreliable zip top bags. Every single time you use this, even for your liquids, you’re going to be able to customize the bag that you’re putting it in so whether it’s crackers, fruits, cheeses, even your marinade for your cooking. Fits right in the drawer. Has a little locking mechanism right on the side, so it can stay closed when you place in your drawer. It’s a one button operation and then it comes with the long bag. This Versa sealer allows three payments of $13.18 free shipping and handling and is brand new today. Now it’s my pleasure to invite and the person who really inspired and created this line and out of necessity, Julianne Johnson, welcome to our show!  It’s wonderful to invite you on.


Julianne: Well, thank you so much for having me, Alberti, I’m so excited to be here and show you this fantastic little sealer that I invented. I really invented it to help me maintain a weight loss of over 100 pounds and make my own little portion control packets because I literally could not get my salad dressings to work. I work as a nurse and I had soggy sandwiches all the time and I thought, there’s gotta be a better way. I created that oh I am so excited about this because it is not only simple and easy but it’s such a necessity. On the inside here, you have your thermal sealer. I’m gonna place the bag inside, close it down so that the thermal sealer is right where you want to seal the bag. And, now when the sealer is closed you put it in the lock position. That’s important because that’s also a safety feature because it will not seal unless it is in the lock position. 


Julianne: Generally we have two different modes, hit it twice most of our bags it is using the two button once that’s done but generally it’s the second once that’s done


Alberti:  And that is going to keep my salads from mixing with my dressing. So what we’ve done is we’ve taken bags of our cucumbers and tomatoes and all of our side pieces of our salads and then we’ve actually put them all together and this is not only taking up less space than traditional plasticware in my bag. I can plate this on a plate when I get to the office or to my desk.


Julianne: You can make it a salad shaker and then just get rid of it later.  or you can and then no messy clean up later. 


Alberti: Take a look at this, we’ve got sandwiches, cereal and fruit. You want to take that to work but you don’t want to necessarily mix them until the time is right. How about this, when I was a kid my mom always used to make me my English muffin little sandwich with my cream cheese but it got soggy by the time I have it  a little bit later on in the day. Now you can have those two separated and have a fresh sandwich every single time,  separate your hotdogs, your coffee. So many uses for this!


Julianne: And you can seal in between, For my grandson, I can just cut one off for him and you can actually throw these right in the microwave. That’s why we have a dual seal. I also like it for I’d like to have my little one my little 100 cal packs. I’ve been in the house for quite a long time right now and I really know, if you give me this entire box I'll eat the entire thing so it’s very good for maintaining my weight loss.  Getting the cereal back in this box is a nightmare but if you seal the bag.  In seconds you'll be able to fit your cereal back in your bag and it wont go stale.


Alberti: For me, it’s always the potato chips! Ok, so remember, you’re getting the versa sealer and you’re also getting the roll of bags. Julianne, congratulations on being on here for the very first time ever! It’s exciting to work with you and I hope to see you again very soon! Thank you!